This is the page that is all about me!!

Well as you should already know I am Mickey Lee Williams. Most everyone calls me Mick or Lee. Well here are my stats: About 5'7 1/2", Green eyes, Brown hair, and about 145lbs. I live in Pomeroy Ohio witch is in Meigs Co. As of May 20th 2001 I am a graduate of Southern High School in Racine Ohio. I am now attending Ohio U. I am majoring in Aviation. Anyone who knows me knows my take on life. "Its all good all the time." Other quotes that I believe: "The needs of the many out way the needs of the few or the one." "Even Heroes have the right to bleed ." "A true hero give with no thought of getting anything in return." "With great power comes great responsibility." "Life is about change, sometimes its painful, sometimes its beautiful, but most of the time its both."

Well I guess I should list some of my Friends, and tell a little about what they mean to me. So if I forget anyone I am sorry, and just let me know so I can fix it.

Jim: One of my best friends. He is very funny and also my partner in crime. If I am ever rich and famous its because he helped me get there.

Jeff AKA Crappy Jack: He is a very funny guy. He can be rather strange some times but it works for him. He is also the man of many programs. One of his best traits is that if you ask him a question and he doesn't know the answer he makes one up.

Ryan: He is a nut, goof ball, and a clown. Never serious and comes up with some funny stuff. He is always fun to be around because there is never a dull moment.

Tony: Another goof ball. Always has something funny to say. He and Ryan are also known as the "drunken brothers".

Clay: He is whipped! He is a funny guy when I can figure out what he is talking about.

Brain: He is a clepto! He means well but he will rob you blind if your not watching. LOL.

Kim: Is always goofy. Whats really funny about her is her mood swings. In one second she can be happy but 2 seconds later she will be the maddest person on the planet. She always makes me laugh. She is the closes thing I will ever have to a little sister. So dont mess with her unless you want to mess with me. She knows I love her and would do anything she ask. Now if I could just get her to ask .

Bea: She is very intelligent, very funny, and she is adventurous. I have never meet any like her. She is one of those few people that keeps me laughing when I am with her.

Amy F: What can I say about Amy. The one person that can make me turn red in a second. I love to be around her. She is very good at messing with my head. I know she likes doing it too.

Jessica: I have known her for many years. She is a good friend and is always there to lessen to me. She can be a little wild some times but that a good thing right?

Mike: A very funny guy. He is a little nuts and will do anything for a laugh. Also little girls (under 16) watch out for this one. He likes them young.

Kris: I have known him for many years. He used to live next door to me but he moved away about 4 or 5 years ago. He is funny and thinks he is Gods gift to women. I miss having him around.

Chris: A strange guy but none the less a funny guy sometimes.

Tiff: She is a nut. I love her to death. She always makes me laugh and is always happy.

Niki: Anytime I need to talk to about anything that is on my mind I can go to her. She is also one of the most intelligent people I know. She is very special to me, and I love her very much. If at anytime she ever needed anything all she has to do is ask and I will be there. Niki everything will be fine.

Jacky: She is hard to describe. She is kind of a hippy now with an accent. Never a dull moment with her.

Amy Lee: She is one of my best friends. One of the few people that laughs at almost every thing I do. Amy I will never let you forget the pole. It was a good time for all. She has had a major effect on my life in the last few months.

Carolyn: She is Jeff's girlfriend. I worked with her during high school. She is also Kim and Amy's friend. She can be very funny. I have seen funny funny things happen with her. Remember the birthday party?

Emily (Big Red): If there ever was a goof girl then its her. She is one of the girls I can talk to if I have a prob, or just want to laugh. I know that she will do great in life and will be happy if she fallows her heart.

Steph(Helga): What can I say about her... One of the most compassionate people I know. If there is one person that worries about everyone before her self then it is her.

Caitlin: Cait is really cool. She is so funny. Not only is she Jim's girl, but she has become one of my really close friends. Hopefully she will decides to come to O.U. You know you want to Cait!!! =) If you ever need anything let me know Cait.

Jess: Jess is Jim's lil sis. I have only met her once but she seems like a really fun person. I have been talking to her on A.I.M. Its a good time. =)

I will keep updating this page as often as I can.

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