Movie reviews

"The Prince of Egypt"- I thought this was a good movie that was done tasetfully. The animation was exelent and the music was wonderfull. I especillialy liked the song "There can be miricales(when you belive.) "from the movie, actually I liked both versions, but the movie version was the best of the two. Another favorite song was Humanity, this one wasn't played in the movie, but it was included on the soundtrack.


"Blast From the Past"- I enjoyed this movie a lot, it had the up and coming actor Brendan Fraser. Also for all you guys out there it had Alicia Siverstone. This movie is extremly funny, especillialy the part when Mr. Weber first comes out of the bomb shelter built under their house, and a guy is in what used to be a resturant/bar owned by his mother where he used to work and Mr. Weber comes up out of the elevator .Then when Adam comes to the surface, the guy starts to worship him,becase he thinks that he was a god. All in all this is a pretty good movie.


"Austin Powers 2, The Spy Who Shaged Me"- This movie was funny, and the "Star Wars"allusions were put to goood use, especillialy right now with "Episode 1" out in the theaters. This wasn't one of my all time favorites but it was good for a laugh. I particuarly enjoyed the "Mini Me" Character.


"Phenomenon"- In my opinion, this is a good movie. It stars John Travolta as George Mally, who on his birthday gets struck by a blinding light and transformed into a genious with telekinetic powers. This film is a drama with a touch of comedy, I particualy like the Eric Clapton song "Change the World".