I love my friends to death and we've been through some of the dumbest stuff.. read ahead..

1. I  flunked my driver's test. Not funny. I didn't know how to do the cones. I had an instructor who went dumpster diving and told me to figure it out on my own.

2. The time Sarah made the Cheerleader pee her pants. Oh my god, I think I peed my pants!

3. How Betsy always fights with Jackson percussionists.

4. How Stocky always tells Betsy to die and burn.

5. When Megan Jenkins got in a wreck with a drunk driver. His bicycle put a scratch on thecar and he got DUI.

6. Megan, Betsy, and Sarah and I  post it noting cars. Always a blast!

7. Megan and my's favorite words: BUFFET, BALLET, GOURMET, SACHET, POT-POURI. (say them like they are spelled. not how you're supposed to)

8. Hitting the dash.

9. When Betsy moved my car and it blew up outside Drama Club.

10. How Nikki flutters her eyes and says "I just wasn't paying attention!"

11. The day Jared asked me to help with Percussion and Megan said, "She's too lazy to" andhe said," Shut your damn cakehole."

12. The time Betsy, Megan, and I were in Jackson and a bunch of toothless drunks started shouting and saying sexual comments. NASTY.

13. The time Megan and I were at the Ohio State Fair. They had seen a Pizza Hut earlier,but couldn't find it so they saw a tram that said Pizza Hut Express.They thought it would take them there. They hopped on and instead it took them out of the gate! They hopped off, needless to say!

14. When Megan prayed Jared's pants would fall off at a pool party.

15. When Betsy ate a box of green altoids in one day and got sick.

16. When a bunch of us were at Rax and driving away from the intercom and Megan ordered a banana milkshake. When we got to the window... we got a VANILLA MILKSHAKE!

17. When in the band room we were watching the N Sync home video and Mr. P said, "Rags toRiches, riches to rags, I think these guys are a bunch of Fags."

18. The never ending hole *L*

19. The Day Wellston band qualified for state. Ahh, memories.

20. At King's Island, every hot guy Megan saw she would throw a "hickory stick" at them.

21. How Lacie got suspended from work for HORSEPLAY . BAD LACIE!

22. When Betsy pulled in BK, hit an Escort, then calmly walked inside, got her food and left.

23. When Rysta, Julia, Megan, Betsy, Lacie, and I went to Pizza Hut and a football team walkedin and Rysta said, "I have to go whack off." and Lacie said , "We don't do this we do this." (Think about the hand symbols)

24. When Lacie said Joey Fatanzo instead of Joey Fatone (of N Sync)

25. How Nikki uses "big words." For example at lunch she usually gets a sandwhich. then she's always like, "Where's my meal?" "You mean, they forget my meal??"

26. How we always need highliters in history. We think our teacher sniffs them.

27. The Class of CHEM-IC-CALS

28. Megan's nickname is "BREAST" Supposedly one day she was gawking at them.........

29. Pete the Hand Puppet. He's da bomb. Pete is multi talented. He can talk and play piano!!!

30. In Chemistry class Mr. Perdue was talking about how his son Ryan gives tours for OU and Bev and Sarah said, "Oh Betsy.. better go get you a tour!!" (Betsy denies for love for Ryan!)

31. Betsy's nickname: Betsy ASS (courtesy of Megan)

32. Megan was shopping for her dad for Christmas and she was going to get her dad a pair of sweatpants and Megan was like, "He already has this color." And I said, "Megan, you can't go wrong with 2 pairs of black sweatpants. Never."

33. Nikki was coming to school one day and she fell on the ice and yelled MOM!!!!!!. She chased after her mom and fell again. So instead, she opted to walk home in the rain: and my house is just across the street!

34. In art class, Nikki asked Megan what her deepest thoughts were.

35. When my little sister found her old New Kids on the Block tape so Megan, Stef, ashley,Nikki and I listened to it and danced!

36. Lacie told Betsy and me car had "auto-pilot"... don't ya mean "Cruise control Lacie??"

37. How Betsy looks like Chris from N Sync!

38. Also at the Hoops Classic, Megan had a sip of a Margarita and was tipsy. Don't know how.

39. Megan was hitting on guys while we were selling programs. Once she went up to one and tried to sell a program and he said, " How much?" Megan: "3.50" Guy: "Jesus!" Megan: "My names' Megan, not Jesus." Later, she was trying to sell him another one and he said, "Megan, I already bought one!"

40. When I was talking about my cat named Woody and how I wanted to spell his name Woodie and Lacie said, "You should spell his name "WINNER". (she was trying to spell "weiner" his nickname.) Me: Lacie, spell weiner." she said, "wenner."

41. When we (Betsy, Katie, Sarah, Lacie and Bev) were in chemistry lab and we had to put some type of chemical in crucible and heat it up. Sarah took an extra crucilbe and stuck an Altoid on it and put it in the fire and the crucible started smelling bad and all of a sudden caught on fire!!! Altoids + fire= bad combination

42. Sarah, Nikki, and Lacie and I went to JHS to see "Fiddler on the Roof." As they were leaving, Lacie ran to catch up with the rest, fell over a parking hump yelling, "KATIE KATIE KATIE!" and tore up her pants. So we all went to BK where "Sweetie" fixed her up.

43.When Sarah hacked Betsy's homepage. (They were in a fight)

44. How Sarah Mccorkle is a hacker!! *L*

45. Every day in 5th period the "Mafia" drives by the school.

46."Scruffy the Cheerleader Slayer".

47. Arby, the pet rock made by Sarah and me, who committed suicide by jumping from a 3rdstory window in protest of the upcoming teacher strike.

49. When me and Sarah were in Journalism class and some big girl told Sarah she was "1/2 the woman she was." Sarah: "You're right. I am HALF the woman you are. If not HALF, then 1/3. "

50.The basketball "twins".

51.When Sarah went to watch a boys basketball game and our cheerleaders had a sign up above us that said "Kill the Vikings". The other team's fans tried 4 times to get it down and on the fourth time a girl that Sarah played basketball against came up to rip it down. Sarah was in the next to the top row and pushed her down 2 or 3 rows. Two police officers restrained her and escorted her out. Sarah went off scott free!

52. Sarah's alien sighting on the way to a ball game. No more UFO and alien books for her!

53 .J.V. Girl's Basketball team snapped a 41 game losing streak. Sarah wrote a story for it andit was on the front page of the high school news paper.

59. One word ------ Jabroni!

60. When Mrs. Callahan laughed at Sarah because she said she was going to college to become an English Teacher.

61. Talking about putting a quarantine notice on a certain Jackson girl's house because of head lice.

62. Sarah's lay-up from the foul line. "I believe I can fly"

64. Jabroni, the lizard key chain!

65. The way Mr. Perdue sings cheerfully during class.

66. The fact that Sarah is the 1998-99 conspiracy victim of WHS!

67. "My Jabroni has a first name, its K-A-T-I-E...."

68. When Lacie lost her Explorer. "Mr. Phillips, I lost my Explorer!" Turns out she parked itanother block down.

69. One night Jason and I were cruising in J-Town and these old men kept checking me out so Jason yelled, "Don't mess with my hoes, fool!"

70. Cruising with Julia, who was our German exchange student. We were looking for , in her own words, the @$$hole who treated her like crap.

71. Online fighting. Fun Fun Fun

72. When I went on vacation to Hilton Head and let my boyfriend borrow my car. I came back to find it dented in the hood. I had to buy a new hood. It was maroon. The car was white. Not funnny.

73. When I got my new car. My baby blue Celica.

74. Rumors of Nookie in the LJS parking lot.

75. Lacie and Hammerotwn. "Oh my god Aaron, I think we've been caught!!"