Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Ok, here are a few of us hanging out in the infamous WHS Bandroom. In the frton, showing off, is Sarah. In the back(L-R) are Betsy, Stef, and me!

Before we performed our plays for drama club: Me (I was Detective Woolrich in our Murder Mystery), Betsy (mom), Sarah (the "Prop Goddess"), and Nikki (Audrey Thaxter , "the sweet young thing.")

Haing a blast at OUGS '98 are Me, Josh Wentz, Jason Jones, and Andrea Neutzling.

Congrats Sarah , you've made it!!


English class is always a blast for us! Sarah is a senior and she dropped by to visit Betsy, Me, and Lacie in 11th grade English.


We love Chemistry Class!!


After lunch at McD's, Stefanie and I pose for a pic.


After party 99: (A Night at the Beach) Me, Betsy, Lacie, Nikki, and Megan