by Victoria McFadden

The McFadden household is now a veritable menagerie!


We have two cats. Both were purchased as kittens about 1986, putting them both in the "geriatric" range now at 14 years of age. Hannah is a sweet and loving tortoiseshell mutt. Tessa is a beautiful but often aloof blue-point Himalayan.

African Pygmy Hedgehogs

My husband I were both reared on classic British children's literature, so when we learned that hedgehogs are available as pets, we were hooked!

Meet Griffin and the gone-and-sadly-missed Humphrey.

Hedgehog links:

The International Hedgehog Club
Hedgehogs International--lots of links
International Hedgehog Registry
Hedgehog_Help forum on eGroups


We have three fish tanks for tropical freshwater fish:

A twenty-gallon tank contains angelfish, glass cats, platies, swordtails, rummy-nosed tetras, bumblebee gobies, corey cats, and a blue crustacean named Dusty.

The ten-gallon tank contains neon and cardinal tetras, pearl and zebra danios, corey cats, a clown loach, a Chinese algae-eater, and glowlight tetras.

A second ten-gallon tank is supposed to be our hospital tank, but is currently the nursery: We are proud to announce a fair amount of success raising baby pearl danios (and snails!).

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