by Victoria McFadden

Griffin is an adult male African Pygmy Hedgehog.

We received Griffin in January, 2001, as a "rescue": due to life changes, his original owner was no longer able to give him the care he needed, and to her credit, she handed him over to a hedgehog rescue operator, Lori Keller. As we had just lost Humphrey, several folks mentioned to us that Lori had Griffin, and that he needed a permanent home. After meeting him, we agreed that he should join our menagerie.

Griffin came to us very "huffy", as he was unused to an active household and daily handling. He is also quite overweight, but otherwise very healthy (thanks to Lori's intervention). Since joining our family, Griff is getting accustomed to daily snuggles and cuddles; he "huffs" and "clicks" less, un-balls readily in our hands, and is coming a real sweetheart. Over time we hope to help him trim down to a sleek hedgie-weight just right for him.

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