Child-rearing and Home-schooling

by Victoria McFadden

The Principles of Growing Families International:

My husband Eric and I found the material produced by Growing Families International (GFI) to be extremely valuable in the rearing of our two children.

We were introduced to GFI through a friend, and attracted by GFI's assertion that 97-98% of newborns can be trained to sleep through the night (8 hours) by 8 weeks of age. After hearing the usual horror stories of so many parents--children not sleeping through even at 18 months of age or older--we were thrilled with the prospect of an alternative.

We applied the principles to both of our children, and can personally attest to their efficacy. Our son slept through the night at four-and-a-half weeks, and our daughter slept through the night at nine weeks.

In addition to sleep habits, the GFI materials contain many, many other principles for rearing happy, well adjusted, and well behaved children who are a delight to their parents and others. Although GFI is a religious ministry, it also provides excellent secular materials containing the same concepts.


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