School:      Tri-County Vocational schools
	Senior ( YES!!! )
	                Involved in: 
	*Treasure of Law Enforcement Class 
	*Treasure of VICA  ( 2nd year )
	*Part of Teen Institue. ( 1st Year )
	*Part of school advisory board
	*Captain of my class ( Law Enforcement)    Home school: Alexander
	*Explorer for the Athens City Police Department ( 3 Years )
	-- getting 17 college credits for just completing Tri-county with

	the Passport in hand. 
	-- getting experience for the military.
	-- Leaving on June 4th to the Air Force!!! ( date changed )
	-- leading an active life in church 
	-- always busy ( active life )

	-- Go to the new community center quite a bit now in
Athens..Awesome place