Check out these pages!!

Lindsay's PlaceI'm so very proud of her!!!
Brian's Pad Brian Kellogg-the man who watches too much Seinfeld!
Mommie, I want to be a gypsie Becca Carson-the girl you always see on the corner!
The Groovy Way Galaxy! Adam Sheffer-He thinks I'm psychotic...I wonder why...
Art's Page Art Cornwell-that damn Paperazzi!!
Nat's Place Natalie Kruse-the blonde spy (watch out for her!)
The Buge's page! Erin's place. BUUUUUUUUUGE
Nauni bug! Nauni Krasko- the munchkin twinkin
Pat's Groovy Moo Patrick Balding-well, what can I say??
Jen's Palace Jen Pierson- hm...
Jackie's Page Jaclyn Jimison- sun child!!
Amanda's Page Poor girl is being sent to Germany ;)
Mental Imaging Ben Edingers page.