Jen Hayes- guitar... swoon.....
Lydia Harter-one of the coolest girls I know!
Natalie Kruse-loud loud loud!!
Mark Chapman-the Great Mole Rat!
Art Cornwell-is that nail polish I see?!?!?
Ben Frech-the DIC-TATOR.
Carla Staver-she just got back from England! yeah!
Daniel Brown-my real bro!!
Lindsay Hoffman-Irene!!
Crystal Joens-Agnes!!
Kristen Walker-buddy bear!!
Becca Carson-the hooker!!
Jon Hanover-one of the greatest guys I know!
Jim Johanson-sing the pirate song, damnit!!
Jen Pierson-the slut!!
Dan Pierson-Pierson!!
Chrissie Balding-a fast runner!!
Shasha Shultz-Sasha Jo!!
James Barr
Jessica dietrich-Cindy!!
Brian Dunphy-the big brother I always wanted!!
Jaclyn Jimison-Jackie!!!
Nauni Krasko-munchkin twinkin!!
Cara McCoy-Carabear!!
Esther Bergdahl
Dan Pittman-Oday!
and here is a phat spot for Thomas:
* Thomas Blower- there you go, Thomas *
Aaron McAllister- the laziest man on seorf!
Ben Edinger- aaaah! (jk)
Josh Mcgraw-Josh is the King of Seorf and noone can change that!!
If I forgot got you, and you want to be on here