Here are some quotes from people that I know. Most of them probably have no significance to you, but I thought that they were extremely funny. You actually had to be there for most of them to appreciate the humor in them. I stole some of them from my friend Kelli because her page reminded me of some of the things that my friends have said over the years (sorry Kelli!).

"What is boxers? Explain me." -Some guy I chatted with from New Zealand

"It's hotter than a witch's titty out here!" -Brandy Jameson

"I'm on a rule." -Jackie Jimison

"I'm nacho baby!" -Crystal Joens

"Your butt!" -The Four Freshman Girls

"You know, paper machete!" -Devon Walker, when the word machete was drawn during pictionary

"Clap clap." -Me, Crystal Joens, Dustin Bastin, Jackie Jimison, and JJ Jenkinson

"I hit a snake today, but I've never hit any road animals." -Devon Walker

"What happened to the men on the wall?" -Kristen Walker

"You don't know." -Crystal Joens

"I don't have to pay because I'm a superstar, not an airline person." -Crystal Joens

"I wear shorts! And biker pants! Ok, so I've never worn biker pants..." -Dan Pittman