People crazy enough to talk to me
This is my list of people that I know. I'm pretty good friends with most of them, but some of them I just e-mail and don't talk to on a regular basis. If you want your name added (or taken off), just mail me.

Lauren Addington- She's my next door neighbor and a lot of fun to hang out with! She's also obsessed with Britney Spears.

Katie Blazyk- She's leaving all of us to go California because she's smart :(

Victoria Bordwell- One of my college friends. Warning: Don't talk to her about Wendy's!

Alex Carpenter- a.k.a. Derrrr! Good thing it's only one syllable!

Becca Carson- From what I've heard, she likes to travaille a la coin de la rue.

Kelli Chapman- One of the Four Freshman Girls. She can tell you all about Luxembourg!

Jonathan Hanover- He is a good football player and doesn't mind throwing the ball to the girls.

Ariel Harter- It was sad to see her graduate, but it's fun to visit her and see all of her many hot college friends!

Lydia Harter- She's a little perverted, but a lot of fun to hang out with!

Courtney Irvin- She's quitting color guard, so we can't hang out at practice anymore.

Jackie Jimison- She is really funny and cracks me up whenever I'm around her!

Crystal Joens- She is one of the original four freshman girls, also! She's also one of my best friends and she's extremely funny!

Matt Johnson- He was so much fun to hang out with, but unfortunately he moved to Arizona and left us behind :(

Jessie Martin- Jessie and I used to have fun going to swim meets in the summer when I used to be on the team. We also used to pick up baseball guys at restaurants on the way home!

Lindsey Marx- She's the tallest girl I've ever met! She is also a lot of fun to hang out with!

Lisa Nisley- Although I think she gets mad at me sometimes, I still love to hang out with her!

Dan Pittman- I don't think he enjoys our unexpected visits to his house (especially when we threaten to steal his goose)!

Tiger Rhodes- I never see Tiger anymore because he went to Indiana, but we still try to hang out with him once in a while and watch his dance moves!

Jill Tedrow-

Devon Walker-

Kristen Walker-

Anna White-

Nick Yaskoff-

Corey Young-