The Big Kahunas Of Athens Surf
left to right

Jesse Dillon - Lead guitar, tenor sax. James Dillon - Drums. Kent Lankas - Keyboards. Paul Fogt - Rhythm guitar.

"Do you think you should turn the reverb down a bit?"...."NO!"

An Intro to Rock.

It all started in a basement, as it has happend many times before and shall happen many times again. Rock and Roll!!

The Reverb '63 Story.

One day while I was glancing through the magazine racks in Krogers, something I usually tend to do when there, my eyes stumbled upon something wonderful. This spectacle was too good to be true, an issue of Guitar Magazine with a transcription of Misirlou. THE surf insturmental now made popular by the movie Pulp Fiction. For as long as I can remember I've always had a passion for instrumental surf rock, to the point where friends have told me I was born at the wrong place and time. I knew there was something great about all of this. I just didn't know how great it was untill later. As soon as I got home I went directly to my guitar, a Green G&L Asat Classic lovingly know as the "John Deere". If any guitar could handle the power and twang of Misirlou, it would be this one. I pluged it into my Fender Blues Deluxe and waited for the tubes to warm up. after a couple hours practice I finally had it down well enough to show the just still needs something needs........ ....JAMES!!

I called up my cousin James and asked him if he wanted to jam. James had moved to athens when his father had transfered to ohio for his job in the mines. Soon after James moved here he aquired a drum kit for his 17th birthday. James played a killer snare in his marching band and it wasn't long before he brought his talents to the kit. Misirlou is a great tune but it's nothing without the pounding beat of the drums...and I was lucky to have a cousin with a drum set. After listening to the song a few times we cranked it out. It was hard to get the stacatto picking down even with the Blues Deluxes' reverb cranked up to 12 but it was coming along well.....but it was still lacking, it still didn't have the zing that it needed. We really needed a rhythm guitar and out of our group of pals that played guitars we only had one person in mind to fill the position.

Paul Fogt was the man for the job. James and I had played with paul before on a British Litrature project and we knew that he would be a great help with providing us a solid rhythm guitar. I called paul up and he came right over. after about a half hour of practicing we had it down. The next step was to play in front of a crowd.


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