I put a spell on you!

"I know, it's only rock and roll...but I like it."
-The Rolling Stones

I'm all about music. I eat, sleep, live, and breath music. I listen to all different kinds of music (with the exception of most rap, which has gone down hill since the 80's). I think I spend at least 85 to 90% of my day thinking, listening, playing or doing something that involves music. So many different styles and forms of music in the world, but only one style is close to my heart. My heart beats down and dirty, raunchy, ROCK & ROLL! Not Hootie and The Blowfish neutered 90's waterdowned college crap rock, but ACTUAL rock & roll. Rock and roll the way Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Little Richard, and our heavenly king Elvis intended. Not what hordes of FM stations churn out today and call "rock & roll". To me rock and roll is a bunch of guys in a garage wailing out some primal beats and rhythms. Garage, Surf, Rythm & blues, Rockabilly, and true Punk, still have the feel of what rock should be: Soulful, raw, and agressive. The following bands and labels still do rock & roll how it should be done.

These bands rock:

Man...Or Astroman?: Surf music + Sci-Fi, what more could you ask for? My favorite band, check these guys out and buy all their stuff.

The Ventures: When I think surf, I think The Ventures. These guys still rock!

Dick Dale: The King of the surf guitar.

The Sonics: 60's Tacoma, WA. garage punk masters

Link Wray: The most menacing gituar guitar ever. Pure rock in it's rawest form.

Huevos Rancheros: Go a little south of the border with this Canadian trio. Ole'!

Satan's Pilgrims: these guys blend the classic so-cal surf sound of the 60's with triple guitar arangments and alot of reverb. Killer stuff.

The Tiki Tones: Aloha! Join the Tiki Tones for a wild island party.

The Untamed Youth: Wild surf and garage from the not-so-youthful Untamed Youth!

The Saturn V featuring Orbit: Foot stomping, frat boogie in the 60's style. check out the live radio broadcasts page full of great stations.

Los Straitjackets: El Luchadoros Mexicano de musica resaca! Fiesta playa excelante!

Southern Culture On The Skids: Good ol' homestyle white trash rock 'n roll!

The Woggles: Rock & roll combo from Georga, a kickass time!

The Swingin' Neckbreakers : Poundin' raw rock outta NJ

The Boss Martians: Great surf/party combo from Oregon.

? and the Mysterians: Crazy 60's garage band from Detroit. These guys are still playing today!

The Fleshtones: New York's uncrowned Kings of pop and soul. I've seen these guys twice, viva rock & roll!

The Reverend Horton Heat: It's a psychobilly freakout!

The Amazing Royal Crowns: Rockabilly boys from Rhode Island. The only band that deserves the have the name "royal crown" in their title, not like some other bands I know.

Big Sandy And His Fly Rite Boys: Western swing with a touch of rockabilly.
Some labels you should check out:

Dionysus Records: Great surf and garage from the god of wine, woman, and song.

Estrus Records: The label that brought us Man...Or Astroman?, The Galaxy Trio, and the Mono Men. Surf, garage, and punk all the way!

Del- Fi Records: Home of the original California surf sound.

Get Hip Records: Get hip with Get Hip.

Sundazed Records: A great surf, garage, rockabilly, reissue label. Lots of great records.

Crypt Records: Raw and raunchy rock and reissue label. Killer stuff.

Norton Records: This label puts out alot of todays great surf, garage, and rockabilly bands. Check 'em out.
Miscellaneous kickass rock stuff:

Reverb Central: Surf from A-Z. Looking for a particular surf combo? Chances are they have'em here!

Sleazefest: The sleaziest rock show around!

Las Vegas Grind: The Sleazefest of Nevada! Tons of links to many great bands and other hep stuff.

The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame: A great sight for learning the wonders of rockabilly.

G & L Guitars: Makers of my favorite guitar..The G & L Asat Classic!

Fender Musical Instruments: Excellent Amps, Guitars, and Basses. An American classic.

Lee Oskar Harmonicas: Awesome sounding harmonicas, my favorite.

Cybersax: A great place to buy vintage saxes on the web(It's where I got mine). Also, plenty of links and a lot of great looking old instruments. Check out the Gallery.
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