Yep, that's me


Hello, welcome to my page. Hopefully I can get around to updating it a little bit more now that I'm taking an effort to actually work on it. My name's Jesse Dillon. I'm a 1997 graduate of Alexander High School in Albany OH, Currently I'm a junior at Ohio University majoring in General Art (but hope to specialize myself in Graphic Design.) I enjoy art, music, and movies, but not the typical kind of art, music, and movies, that most people think of. You won't find Picaso, Beethoven, or Speilburg hanging out around here. What you will find is the finest in lowbrow trash culture! The art, music, and movies completely abandend or disowned by todays pop culture of boy bands, C-rap rock, and *gasp* Brittany Spears clones. Some things on this page might have turned up in todays society as the newest "fad of the week", soon to be gone; but most of the stuff here belongs to the nerds, freaks, punks, and the other rebellious and misunderstood are a few of the things that just happen to get me going.

The Selections

Rock 'N' Roll-O-Rama: The Jukebox's music page. These bands rock!

RebelRocker's Drive-In of Terror.: A dedication to B-movies and trash films everwhere. Some links to films of the truly tastless.

Miscellaneous Garbage: links to my friend's sites and other interesting stuff on the web. Where do you want to go today?

The Union Bar & Grill: The ONLY joint in town to see live music. Schlitz R.I.P

The B-Sides

Das Guzzmans: Currently what I am doing musically, Das Guzzmans will destroy the world!

Reverb '63: My surf band, or at least what is left of it. Still, worth a look while you're here.

The Gallery: Some of my works.

Save your soul?: The Reverend Jesse


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