More!?....You want more!? MORE,MORE,MORE!!..GIVE ME MORE!

This is just some more of the neat stuff that I've run across on this here World Wide Web. Some of it is completely harmless.....Some a bit seedy.....All endorsed here on the Page Of Love. If you're overly prudent or have any problems with that, you can to can go here, ya candyass baby.

What's inside Jeremy's wallet?: Look through an average joe's know you want to.

Astroglide: A space age lubricant developed by a rocket scientist at NASA. Offical lubricant of the Page Of Love.

Art Crimes: I may no longer practice the art, but there are thousands out there who keep it alive and evolving. Art Crimes contains a gallery and links to graff sights all over the world.

Moon Pies: Pastry of the gods! Banana Moon Pies rule!
Shake that thing baby!
Kat Style:A totally hep rockabilly and swing clothing store...kind of expensive, but way cool.

Guinness: I wish I was drinking a stout right now.....maybe I am..This site looks awesome! Cheezy beach party site. Bikini babes, surf, and more seaside fun than you can kick sand at. Not for the stylistically inclined.

The Tiki News: Keep yourself informed. Know your Tiki.

Tiki Trader: Everything you need to have the biggest beach party this side of the pacific.

Mooneyes: Home to Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and Rat Fink. Full of custom car gear and other low brow goodies. Ink, rods, threads, and tunes...rockin'!!!

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