Since I got my license on November 1st, 1996, i've had a number of freaky accidents. Let me start in the chronological order: December 3, 1996, I was driving on a backroad at dusk with no lights on, and it was snowing a little. I didn't know the road very well and then we came to a sharp curve with railroad tracks branching out from them. well, since I couldn't see the road very well, and i was driving fast, i missed the road...and ramped a ditch...then landed on the railroad tracks where i continued to drive down them for 150 feet...i mangled my front right tire and then proceded to get stuck on the tracks. So there I was, car stuck on the rail road tracks...and all I got was a flat tire...I had to go to court... but I only got court costs.

Day before last day of school-this one wasn't my fault...I got behind this guy and I didn't know he was backing up...then all of the sudden, he backed right into me. I was going to kill him when i noticed that my car took the hit. And he hit us so hard that my friend hit her head on the visor thingy...I got a mangled license plate...he got dents and scratches..

Last day of School-I was leaving when I tryed to dodge the waterballons that were about to get chucked at me...as I pulled out...I side-swiped the truck parked in front of me...wasn't pretty. i knocked the whole mirror off my car, and I think i scratched the truck...but, since not that many people were around, I left the scene..yes, a hit and run...don't ever do it..cost me 90 bucks just for the mirror...not counting the huge dent and numerous scratches I put on my car.,..it sucked.

July 10(i think)-I was driving home from Athens when all of the sudden a TURKEY jumps out in front of me...yes a turkey I kid you not...well, it ripped the mustang horsey off my car, scratched up the hood, messed up the hood latch, and not to mention I had feathers in my car for days...it was a real mess...but thats not all the turkey did..

July 15=on my way to athens I side-swiped another car...not as bad as the first time but, did knock the glass out of my side mirror...but me being skilled, I was able to pop the mirror back in...and it does fall out occasionally, but i got rubber bands around it...I failed to tell the owner of the truck I hit his car yet again...so this is my 2nd hit and run.

July 20=I was driving home from work, and remember the turkey? well, here is where it did the real damage...I thought i was getting ahead by putting oil in the car earlier that day...but as usual, if you try to get ahead, you get pushed 2 steps back. I failed to latch the broken hood latch correctly due to the turkey...and on my way home the hood comes crashing into the windshield...Tommy Boy..member that movie...yes, just like that...hood flies up..dents all over my...windshield is busted....I was upset a little.