This is my Luftwaffe Page. This in no way supports any of the ideas of the Nazi party. It was created solely for the purpose of presenting the historical facts of the Luftwaffe of World War II. The Luftwaffe was commanded by Herman Goering. Adolph Hitler placed him in charge. Due to the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was not to have an Air Force. Although this was in effect the Germans still designed and tested airplanes. These airplanes were tested mostly in Russia. After 1933, Hitler ignored the rule from the Treaty and appointed Goering to command the Luftwaffe. The Luftwaffe fought in the Battle of Britain. When Hitler decided to invade Britain in June of 1940 he ordered the Luftwaffe to destroy the Royal Air Force. He also ordered the Royal Navy to be nuetralized. This was essential to the invasion plan. Hitler wanted to have the skies clear of fighters and bombers when his soldiers landed on the coast fo Britain. He did not want the fighters strafing the beaches and the bombers bombing them and the landing craft and the ships offshore. Htler wanted to do to the Allies what they did to him in the Invasion of Normandy, only two German fighters opposed the landings in the landings. The Germans flew raids on England in July, but these were only the coastal cities. On August 8, with a force of 900 fighters and 1,300 bomnbers the Lufwwaffe's quest to eliminate the RAF was started. The English only had 650 fighters,Hurricanes and Spitfires, but they were able to concentrate their forces and know where the German's were coming because they had radar. Radar enabled the English to see were the German's were coming and where they were. They could have their fighters ready for the Germans when they arrived. This kept the Spitfires and the Hurricanes from being destroyed while they were on the ground. On August 24 the Luftwaffe started bombing targets further inland to destroy the RAF airfields and production factory. By September 5, 1940 the RAF had lost 450 planes and was on the brink of defeat. This is when Hitler made a mistake. He and Herman Goering were furiated with the attacks on Berlin and vowed revenge. They switched to the idea of bombing London Cities. With this the RAF destroyed many bombers and by the end of October the Luftwaffe ended all attacks on England and the invasion was canceled.

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