Raysville Pioneers

Note: This article appeared in the March 31, 1903 issue of The Telegram. It is an account of the Early Pioneers Who Settled Near the Vinton County Line in Jackson Township and Founded the Families That Are Prominent in the Northwest Part of the County Today


Jonathan Ray is another successful farmer. He lives about 2 miles west of Ray. His family was large but several are dead. Cenith married Levi Timmons and lives about 3 miles from Ray. Clithe married W. J. Smallwood and lives near her father. Emmit lives at Beecher and Esta Baker at the old home.

Another old settler was Ananias Timmons. He has been dead several years but his wife is still living and is married to Newton Wyatt. All their children are living except Nellie Wallace who died about a year ago. Mary Rains, the oldest child, lives in Kansas. E.L., Levi, Joseph and Eliza live near their mother on the old farm.

The next is Joseph Huffman, aged 84 years; his wife is dead and he lives with his daughter, Elizabeth Smallwood near Beecher. Several of his children are dead. William, a successful farmer, lives in northern Missouri. Pleasant lives one mile from Ray and is a good farmer and stock raiser. J.S. and Martha both live on the old farm 3 miles northwest of Ray. Christina Atkinson lives near Beecher. Mr. Huffman is the father of 9 children; 31 grandchildren; 42 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great-grandchildren.

The Early Ray Family

Another of our old citizens is Samuel Ray; he is 84 years old and lives on a farm 1 mile east of Ray. He is an old soldier having served in Co. G 73rd. He lost his wife 5 years ago and lives with his daughter Elizabeth Oney. Mr. Ray raised a large family of 15 children, eight of whom are living. Collins at Sabina, O.; Milton at Orient, O.; Pearly in Ray and Samuel one-half mile from Ray. Emza, who married Rev. Wm. Jenkins lives one mile south of Ray. Ruth, who married James Hunsicker, lives in Ashland, Kentucky and Elizabeth Oney is on the homeplace. Mr. Ray is the father of 15 children; 47 grandchildren; 36 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren, being 137 offspring. Mr. Ray has one daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mary J. Ray, wife of George Ray living in Ray.

John Ray, a brother of Samuel Ray, was a soldier in Co. C 73, O.V.I. and lives on a farm 2 miles west. His wife died last summer. He has 9 children, all living. Emra, the oldest, is keeping house for her father. Samantha Collins lives at Londonderry; Amanda Dozer lives two miles north of Ray; Ann Mann lives near Vigo; Elisha at Lockbourne; William, James and Lafayette on farms near there father. John Ray is the father of 9 children; has 44 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Samuel, John, and Jonathan Ray married sisters, daughters of Nathan Dixon.

Thomas Ray, a brother of Samuel and John, was also a soldier. He died 3 or 4 years ago. He was married four times, his last wife surviving him. He was the father of 13 children and had 37 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren. Most of his children are dead or moved away. Clinton lives in Byer and Sylvester in Orient. Erd in Columbus and Saray Fry in Chillicothe.

There was another brother, James, a soldier, but he fell in battle. Two of his sons, Thomas and Simon, live near Jackson.

John G. Ray was another of the first settlers. He lived 2 miles east of Ray; he was during his life one of our substantial citizens. He and his wife are both dead. Their seven children are still living. Electa married Jacob Smallwood and now lives near Vigo, Ross County. Priscilla married William Brooks and lives on the homeplace. Teague is an attorney at Guthrie, Oklahoma. The other four are physicians: Lorenzo located at Londonderry, Joseph at Coalton, E.S. at Hamden and A. G. at Byer.

By Captain I.H. McCormick