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Visiting Assistant Professor (2006-   )   

Journalism & Broadcast Electronic Media majors

Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication

University of Oklahoma


Instructor for courses in Survey of Electronic Media, Video Production, Television Reporting and Television Field Production & Post-Production.  Supervise student television production crew and sports staff at Gaylord College.  Programs air on the Oklahoma University Television Channel (TV4OU).  Serve as Faculty Advisor to University of Oklahoma student chapter, National Broadcasting Society.  Serve on academic committees.  Other duties as assigned.


Media Trainer, U.S. State Department:                      Bangladesh & Nepal-January 2008

                                                                                   Macedonia-October 2007

                                                                                   Bangladesh-June 2007

Field Producer, World Journalism Congress:             Singapore-June 2007




Visiting Instructor (2005-2006)

Radio-Television Division

Nicholson School of Communication

University of Central Florida; Orlando, Florida


Taught courses in broadcast journalism, single camera video production and media writing.  Served as Supervising Faculty for Nicholson School productions including Knightly News (weekly student-produced newscast), Knight Effect (Talk/Variety show), and multi-camera Homecoming Parade remote coverage.  The programs air on the UCF digital television channel.  Served as Faculty Advisor to UCF student chapter, National Broadcasting Society.


Media Consultant, U.S. State Department: Bulgaria-July 2006




Assistant Professor (2000-2005)
Radio-Television Department

Southern Illinois University; Carbondale, Illinois

As Instructor: taught courses in field production, video editing, news writing, television reporting & producing, sports broadcasting, law & policy, performance and technology.

Served as advisor to SIUC chapter, Students of Illinois News Broadcasters Association and Radio-Television News Directors Association.  Developed new courses and television projects.  Served on academic committees.  Chaired Master’s projects.


As Executive Editor: supervised student-produced news and sports programs, River Region Evening Edition and Saluki Sportsview.  The programs air on WSIU-TV and have been honored in national and regional competitions.  Supervised WSIU on-line news site.  Assisted WSIU with pledge drives and radio news. 


Information Technology Curriculum Team, Summer 2001

Journalism Convergence Curriculum Team, 2004-2005

Chair, SIUC RT Week, 2002

Chair, RT Equipment Committee, 2003-2005

Media Trainer, U.S. State Department: Kosovo-Summer 2002, Nigeria-Fall 2003

Supervisor, “Aging with Dignity Convergence Project,” Spring 2004

Producer-Host, “One on One with Richard Peterson,” Spring 2004 and Spring 2005

Co-Acting News Director, WSIU-TV, Fall 2004


News Director/Instructor (1996-2000)
E.W.Scripps School of Journalism
Ohio University; Athens, Ohio

As Department Head: supervised the daily news operations of the radio and television stations. The overall coverage area reaches parts of Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. The newsroom has three full-time staff and up to 120 student staff.  Radio newscasts and sports reports are heard throughout the day (seven days a week) and a half-hour television newscast, Newswatch, airs weeknights at 6:30pm.  The sports staff produces a weekly 1-hour radio program, SportsBeat and during high school football season produces a weekly half-hour television program, Gridiron Glory.  The newsroom maintains a news page for the station web site at and produces radio and television election specials.  Served as talent, director, studio crew and phone volunteer for television and radio station fund drives.

 Nominee for Outstanding OhioUniversity Administrator, 1999.
Above and Beyond Award, Outstanding WOUB Staff Volunteer, 2000.

As Instructor: taught broadcast journalism courses in news producing that included components in electronic news gathering, broadcast news writing, and on-air performance. Faculty Advisor of student chapter, Radio-Television News Directors Association.  Served on academic committees and as student advisor.  Coordinated award contests.  Institution placed in Top 10; Hearst Foundation Broadcast News competition, '98 - '00. Newswatch won 1st Place for Daily Television Newscast; Society of Professional Journalists Region 4 competition, '99 & '00.                                          


Assistant News Director (1994-1996)                                                                    
WUFT-TV (PBS)/ University of Florida; Gainesville, FL                                                    
With the News Director, supervised production of daily half hour newscast, News Five. Supervised producers and reporters of two daily five minute newscasts, First Edition (noon) and Local Headline News (evening newscast on local cable system). Coordinated videographers, editors, and sports unit. Supervised broadcast journalism lab students, paid staff and volunteers. Served on station and academic strategy committees. Arizona field producer for half hour special, "Gators' Dozen: The Road to the Fiesta Bowl," January 1996.  Students placed in top five nationally in Hearst Foundation Broadcast News competition.



Production Supervisor/Instructor (1988-1994)

KRWG-TV (PBS)/New Mexico State University; Las Cruces, NM                 
Coordinated twenty-five person staff including training, scheduling and payroll. Directed multi-camera productions, served as videographer/editor and responsible for studio set-up and operations.  Productions included "Newsview 22" (a nightly newscast), a weekly community affairs series, on-air promotions and station fundraisers.  Producer of "Sportsview 22" series and documentary specials.  Instructor for two television courses including field and studio production and post-production. On-air talent for sports program and pledge drives.                                                                                              
1st Place Documentary for Sportsview 22: Baseball Southwest Style; New Mexico Associated Press, 1994                                                                                     
Trainer, Lighting Workshop for Sandia Labs, 1993


Videotape Editor (1987)

DICS/ACES; Burbank, CA                                                                                     
Videotape editor for Animation City Editorial Services (a division of DIC Enterprises, Inc.).Evaluated overseas retakes for "The Real Ghostbusters" and "The Adventures of Teddy 
Ruxpin."Edited sales promos for development department.  Other duties as assigned.


Free Lance Production/Instructor (1983-1986)
Orange County, CA                                                                                     
Producer/Director and 
videographer/editor for commercial and public video productions. Adjunct faculty, Fullerton Community College, 1985.

Producer/Director (1984-1985)                                                                                 
Group W Cable; Fullerton, CA                                                                              
Producer and director of community programming including electronic field production, multi-camera remotes and studio productions. Programming included public affairs, cultural events, sports and corporate promotions.  Taught public access workshops for field photographers/editors and on-air talent.  Supervised college interns, community volunteers and staff employees.

Manager/Producer (1979-1982)                                                                              
Brigham Young University Media Services; Provo, UT                                                
1981-1982: Institutional Support Services. Manager, Cougar Cable Channel. Responsible for all aspects of production, programming, promotion, news, and sales. With Communications Department faculty developed curriculum to utilize the cable channel. Producer of half hour KBYU-TV documentary on coal tax severance issue, "Utah's Black Gold," January, 1982.                                                                              
1979-1980: KBYU-TV (PBS)/KBYU-FM (NPR).
Assistant News Director. Served as managing editor of KBYU newsroom.  Coordinated two daily television newscasts, Weeknight (KBYU-TV) and Newsroom (BYU Cable) and drive-time radio newscasts. Executive Producer of week-long remote broadcast of nightly news-magazine from the Utah State Fair in Salt Lake City, "Weeknight at the State Fair," September, 1980.
1979-1982: Broadcast Lab Coordinator and Instructor. As Graduate Assistant (& part of above duties) coordinated and instructed broadcast lab courses in electronic news gathering and announcing. "Golden Microphone Award" winner for the most outstanding contribution to BYU broadcasting, 1981.Served as personal assistant to Academic Support Manager, 1982.


KUCI; Irvine, CA
On-air disc jockey for overnight shift.  Free-form rock music format.

Production Assistant
California State University; Fullerton, CA                                                            
Production and Teaching Assistant in Theatre Department radio and television studios. Assisted instructors, graduate assistant and studio technician with production and instructional activities.



M.A. Communications (Journalism & Management)/ Brigham Young University, 1982.   
B.A. Theatre Arts (RTV Production)/ California State University, Fullerton, 1978.
A.A. Liberal Arts/ Santa Ana College, 1974.



Present: Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association, Broadcast Education Association (Division Board Member 1997-2002), Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Society of Professional Journalists, Radio Television News Directors Association, Alliance for Community Media

Former: Illinois News Broadcasters Association (Board Member 2003-2004), Orange County Cable Association (founding member).




University of Oklahoma (8 preparations…lectures and labs)


Multimedia News Gathering: Development of practical and professional methods of gathering news and information, including exercising news judgment, initiating story ideas, conducting research and interviewing, and producing news content for print, broadcast and online media.


Electronic News Gathering Techniques: The history, theory and application of electronic news gathering techniques. Students learn to gather audiovisual information, evaluate it, edit it, and prepare the data for distribution through traditional and emerging news media.

Television News: Television news principles and practice in use of ENG (electronic news gathering), editing of video tape stories and preparation of television news programs.

Introduction to Video Production:  Provides an overview of both studio and location video production. Lecture, labs and self-paced study will examine production, writing and performance concepts and applications.

Survey of Electronic Media: Survey of radio, television and other electronic media: units of technology, history, regulation, programming, advertising, management and production.

The Media and the Hollywood Blacklist:  Survey of how the media was affected by the blacklist of the 1950s. Topics include the post-World War II Red Scare, the HUAC hearings, the mechanics of the blacklist, press coverage of the blacklist and how the blacklist spread from the film industry to television and radio.


Mass Media Practices (Crew & Sports): Production crew assignments for OUNightly, the University of Oklahoma daily student newscast.  Sport Staff for Our Sports Pad, student-produced sports program.  Productions air on 4OUTV. 


University of Central Florida  (5 preparations…lectures and labs)

Beginning Electronic Journalism: Newswriting and newsgathering skills and strategies and their accompanying ethical considerations for analog and digital delivery of broadcast journalism.

Advanced Electronic Journalism: Newswriting and newsgathering strategies learned in beginning course are integrated into a newsgathering context for actual production of analog and digital radio and television news packages.

Television News: Production of weekly campus newscast.  Daily newsgathering and production decisions are conducted by students under the advisement of the instructor functioning as news director.

Single Camera Video Production and Editing: Technical and aesthetic requirements of analog and digital single-camera video production and editing, including techniques for electronic news gathering (ENG) and electronic field production (EFP).

Writing for the Electronic Media:  Practical experience in writing for various electronic media including radio, television, corporate, and digital media. Scripting requirements, writing styles and creative applications.


 Southern Illinois University (8 preparations…lectures and labs)

Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and Electronic Field Production (EFP). Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and Electronic Field Production (EFP) are the two primary methods used to collect and process video for the production of television programs. The course focuses on visual storytelling using both production methods.

Media Technology.  A survey of the methods used to create and deliver media content. This class will introduce the student to the current technology of media delivery. Topics include the nature of waves (electronic, light and sound), transmission equipment, cameras and video images, sound recording and control, editing and storage technologies and networking. The emphasis is to give the student an understanding of how their equipment works or fails to work.

Television News Reporting.  Advanced field reporting for television. Students will work under the supervision of the instructor to develop, investigate and report news stories for WSIU-TV television. This process will also study the development and production of the mini-documentary. Class will utilize professional grade video recorders, cameras and editing systems.  

Radio-Television News Writing.  
Selecting, writing and editing news material for presentation on radio and television news programs.  Overview of broadcast journalism field.

Radio-Television Policies, Laws, and Regulations.  Development of American radio and television policies from their constitutional base through federal law, regulatory agencies and the judicial system.  Rights and responsibilities of media producers, radio and television organizations and the public.

Radio-Television Performance.  
The development of disciplines controlling vocal and visual mechanics and interpretative performances for announcers, newscasters, interviewers and narrators of media presentations.

Broadcast News Producing.  Cover the practice of broadcast news producing.  Responsibilities of the producer as journalists and managers.  Coordination with production and engineering staff.  Ethics for news managers.

Sports Broadcasting.  Overview of sports broadcasting business.  Multi-camera production practice as directors, crew and play-by-play announcers.  Students serve as anchors, producers, reporters and videographer/editors for WSIU-TV newscasts and sports specials.



Ohio University (3 preparations…lecture & lab) 

Broadcast News Producing.  Principles and practices of radio and television news production.  Emphasis on blending news judgment with production techniques and tools.

Broadcast News Practice.  Preparation of news for broadcast.  Students serve as producers, reporters, videographers, video editors and anchors at the WOUB radio & television newsroom.

TV News Practicum.   Practicum in preparation and presentation of TV newscasts at WOUB-TV.  Students produce news material including video, format and scripting for newscasts.  They also deliver scripts on air and assume management responsibilities.  Students will rotate through various newsroom positions.




University of Florida  (2 preparations…labs only)


Electronic News and Reporting.  Basic writing, reporting and production of television news stories and newscasts.  A 3 hour a week lab in WUFT-TV newsroom is required.

Advanced TV Reporting.  News reporting, videography, writing and editing for television newscasts on deadline. One day-long lab in WUFT-TV newsroom required.


New Mexico State University  (3 preparations…lecture & labs)

Beginning Radio-Television Production.  Basic studio, field and post-production techniques in TV and radio production.  Designed for students with a broadcast production emphasis.

Beginning Radio-Television Production for Advertisers.  Basic studio, field and post-production techniques in TV and radio production.  Designed for students with an advertising emphasis.

Broadcast Studio Operations.  Workshop instruction on broadcast television studio equipment, with practical experience through crew assignments at KRWG-TV.  Includes introduction to waveform monitors, vectorscopes and video systems.


Fullerton College  (2 preparations…lecture & lab)    

Single-Camera Field Production.   Techniques in use of field cameras, field video recorders and cuts-only editing.             

Radio News. 
Instruction and practice in gathering news for radio, with attention to writing copy and familiarization with professional practices of radio news teams and their use of local, wire and syndicated news material.  Activities will include radio news presentation on KBPK-FM.