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Name: Joe Clark

Date of Birth: September 8, 1978
Date of Death: Lets just leave this one alone.
Hobbies: Computer programming, playing around on the internet, sports, and women.
Types of Movies: Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror.
Types of Books: Fantasy.
Types of Music: Mostly R&B, alternative, some rap, and some metal.

Future Plans

I plan to attend Ohio University next fall. I will be going to the college of engineering. I will be majoring in computer science. After I graduate from Ohio University I hope to find a job with a big computer gaming company. I would like to work out of my home for this company, but I don't see that happening. I would like to work from home either programming video games, or checking and removing computer viruses. I would also like to program anti-virus programs.

Future Plans Come To Life

I would just like to say that my future plans of attending Ohio University has become a reality. I have been accepted, and I plan to start in the Fall of 1997. Assuming everything goes according to plans.

What I like to do on the Internet

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