Life Imaginary

11/10/04 7:53am
yea so i can't sleep right now so I fig I might as well get some shit posted. I have to work today at 3 and man is that going to suck having no sleep. Hey all of you need to..... wait all of you dam the only one that's ever going to see any of this is me but oh well. Join Suicide Girls! well i guess that's it for now, I know you don't want me to go but I must go move my car so that I don't get a ticket again.

2/1/05 2:11pm
yeah so I know I havn't been keepin up on this very well and you know what it's hard when you don't have a computer. not much has changed in the last 2 months. I still work at the OG and skate when ever I can. Lookin forward to seeing Unearth a sweet metal/hardcore band in march along with a few other shows. Well not much eles to say right now so..... Go join suicide girls.