Leo's Total World Destroyer Page

Here is some new improved page that I have created recently because obviously it is new, and also improved. The Improvements are of course are built upon my previous homepage with the same address. That being said here is what this page is about...

On this page you will find information pertaining to what I am interested in, involved in ad what have you. Hopefully this will be enlightening, and who knows it might be entertaining as well. As of this point there is not a lot of stuff on this page but I will continue to upkeep and improve this page.

I would suggest visiting the "Weak In Revue" link that you can find to the left of this page. This is the Athens Public Access show that I am involved. There are some sweet photos, drawings, ramblings and so forth that you might find amusing. I suggest also watching on Tuesday nights at 10:00 on channel 23.

Also I would like to state at this point that the links page is continuously updated (especially the friends page segment). You ought to check these things out all of the time.

Other than that there isn't much left to be said...