The Only Pompador Shrine on the Net!!!?


What is a pompador you ask? Well, it's that crazy hairdo modeled by such celebrities as Ace Ventura and Big Boy. It requires a great deal of glue to achieve the look, and it looks like a fin on the front of your hair and grease everywhere else. Wait, who's got a pompador? Just check out these sweet pictures of the stylin' chaps sporting the cooky look that the chicks dig, so much.
[Big Boy] [Johnny Blue Jeans] [Ace Ventura] [Brian Setzer] [Leningrad Cowboys, holy shit!] [Astroboy] [Conan O' Brian, hey! he's usually much better] [Johnny Suede, Brad Pitt] [Ace, better picture] [The Hellbillys] [Psychobilly 1] [Psychobilly 2] Psychobily 3] [Psychobilly 4] and more to come...