What it's all about

Oh yes music, the great... thingie

Well, the way i see it, my life consists mainly of school, which i am forced to go to. but when i am not involved therein, i enjoy quite a bit of music. one could almost say i am addicted to it, seeing as how i spend most of my time making it and most of my money buying it. so with all that time and money i have found myself joining with other humans in bands in hopes of making back a little... money that is. and it is helluva fun too. So then, i am in these bands, and here is a little about each.
Masters of Doom (aka MOD)
a metal blade band, we play gwar style music and wear funny costumes to our shows, or at least we plan to (if we ever have any) ADDITIONAL DATA: we kinda gave up on this idea, and i think leo and richard kicked me out of it too, jackasses. here i play guitar, lead style. my stage name is RUBOTRON here
Jive Talking Robots (aka JTR)
a surf band, we play instrumental(mostly) surf music, ie:dick dale we will be playing the alexander liuau (hawiian dance thingie) this spring if you want to check us out.ADDITIONAL DATA:we played our show, and rocked the house, then we played a show at the union, then we broke up. richard is now involved in a (__fill in the blank__)metal band, and neil and i are trying to get together or do solo work. here i play drums.
Ruben and Jessie's Ska band
Me and Jessie plan to do something with this but we don't know what yet. ADDITIONAL: I hardly ever see Jesse now that he dropped out of school so we probably won't do this one. in this band i play: we haven't gotten that far Experience: i have been playing drums for two years, and guitar for about 6 years, on and off. i currently enjoy both and would like to try the trumpet, it seems easy enough, and i don't want to hear any different.