I live at these places

So you think you're bored eh..., you've got some attitude! go here[down]

  • you gotta download some gory stick figure death movies, reminiscent of small flipbooks.
  • if you're not going to stay here get your ass to infoseek
    if you have Netscape
  • Piercing Mildred
  • is the game for you
  • Who Is Anti-Klaus?
  • Instant band names archive thing
  • a cooky search engine that searches all the engines and related ?'s at once for the above, just type in your search then hit ask jeeves, on the next page(if you don't have frames)look under content
  • Cd now, they've even got all that crazy import crap i like to listen to, too
  • all the latest crap on video games
  • GWAR

  • Man or Astro Man?'s official site

  • Guitar tab for any song you want

  • The Only Pompador Shrine on the Net!