push shift+8!!!

Welcome seorfers,
	I have brought you here to tell you of a trick which I often use
on the net.  All this does is it enables you to see pictures on seorf. 
No, not like netscape unfortunately, but you will be able to download the
pictures used all over mine and anyone else's page and put them on yours
or just view them.  You must do it every time you go on seorf again or
else it will automatically shut off, which is good because it makes pages
take longer to load when it is turned on.  Where there is a picture,
it will say [Inline], but now you can click on it.  Anyway, the trick is just
shift+8    hold shift, press 8 and bam, it will load the pics for that
page along with embedded sounds too.  thanks.  now check out my pompador
section, where you can test this method out and download cool pictures of
pompador clad heroes.