Recreation workers plan, organize, and direct activities that help people enjoy their leisure hours to the fullest extent. Recreation programs are as diverse as the people. Recreation workers conduct, organize, and run a variety of activities such as art, crafts, fitness, and sports. Many recreation workers are employed by theme parks and tourist attractions. The recreation worker is very important to rivers. Large bodies of water such as rivers are very important to recreational workers. They not only run sports and activities along the river but play a large role in maintaining order in all recreation areas like campgrounds. Recreation workers occupy a variety of positions at different levels of responsibility. Recreation supervisors plan programs to meet the needs of one population they serve. They hold about 194,000 jobs but this estimate may not include many summer workers. A recreational worker earns an average salary of $12,000. A bachelors degree and experience are considered minimum requirements for administrators. Though masters degrees are preferred. Many recreational workers jobs are expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations.

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