Pittsburgh is a large town with a population of 423,959 (as of 1990). The area is 57 square Miles. Pittsburgh is located at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers. The average temperature in the winter (January) is 29 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature in the summer (July) is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Pittsburgh was founded in 1758 and was made a city in 1816. The main industry of Pittsburgh is steel. The economy and industries in Pittsburgh are thriving. About five billion dollars worth of goods a year are produced by 2,500 manufacturing plants. There are nearly 6,000 different products made in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Pittsburgh produces one fifth of the nation's pig iron and coke, as well as bottles, plate glass, window glass, chemicals, electrical equipment, fabricated metals, food products, and machinery. Industrial research and development are important to this area. The city's steel industry is dependent on the bituminous coal beds in the western part of Pennsylvania. Almost 20% of the nation's steel making industries is in Pittsburgh. The coal mining industry in Pittsburgh produces 65 million short tons (59 million metric tons) of coal a year, only 15% goes to steel mills. Pittsburgh is the nation's largest inland river port. It is a leading transportation center. From Pittsburgh, ten million short tons (nine million metric tons) of freight are shipped a year. Three major barge lines carry coal, iron ore, and other heavy freight to the city. A number of airlines use the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. Several railroad lines and 165 truck lines serve Pittsburgh as well. There are 22 radio stations and six television stations, including one of the first radio stations in the United States: KDKA. There are many newspapers including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pittsburgh Press, and 15 foreign publications. Along with the communication, there is recreation. There are 2,500 acres of parks in Pittsburgh. There are three pro sports teams in Pittsburgh. For the NHL, the Penguins represent the city. The MLB team, the Pirates, and the NFL team, the Steelers, play in Three Rivers Stadium on the north side of town, where the three rivers of Pittsburgh meet: the Ohio River, the Allegheny, and the Monongahela. Pittsburgh has many facilities for higher education available to the public. A few of the top colleges are Penn State University, Carnegie-Mellon University, Duquense University, and many others. Pittsburgh has many economical as well as industrial and cultural strengths.

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