Great Movie Moments and Quotes

Movie Night

Head Explosions (1 to 10): -The Beyond 7 -Scanners 10 -Maniac 9 -Hellraiser 6 -Predator 5 -Dawn of the Dead 9 -Chopping Mall 6 -Fist of the North Star 1 -The Thing 3 -Dead Alive 8 -Starship troopers 5 -Blade 5 -Saving Private Ryan 5 -Blood Diner 2 -Twice Dead 2 -Cannible: The Musical 4 -*Ricky OH (4 head explosions!) 7 to 8 -The Quick and the Dead 4 -Bride of Chucky (body explosion) 6 -UHF (2 body explosions) 7 -The Wicked City (3 head explosions) 6 -Frankenhooker (8 body explosions; 7 hookers, 1 guinie pig) 5 -Monster Squad (wolfman body explosion) 7

April Fools
(some guy to other guys):"tonight, someone's wang will be eaten." instantly cuts to a close up of a hot dog being pushed out of it's package. falls into a skillet. starts cooking.

Orgasmo! Theme song to Orgasmo! * Sancho: "I am Sancho. You are not Sancho, but I, I am Sancho." * G Fresh-Everything he says is awesome.

Blain(Jesse Ventura):(he offers chaw, nobody accepts)"You all are a bunch of slack-jawed faggots!"(pause)"This stuff'll make you a sexual Tyranasour!"(pause)"like me." (he gets shot, his pal points this out)"I ain't got time to bleed." Dutch(Arnold):(stabs a guy to a wall)"Stick around." (kicks open a door,shoots some guy)"Knock knock." (hits Predator w/ a log, it breaks)"Bad idea."

Sleepaway Camp I
(older girl to a quiet girl, who turns out to be a boy)"You're flat as a board that needs a screw!" -Boiling Water Scene. The cook is pushed onto a 20 gallon pot of boiling water, then it falls on him. He screams. Another cook walks in(he looks like Don King) and just stares. The burnt guy screams more. The other guy stares. It goes back and forth for a couple more times. Each time the burnt cook screams louder. -Mullets and hockey hair galore. Plus, 80's rock tshirts(to tight) including a Blue Oyster Cult shirt.

-Hillbilly's galore, toothless grins, overalls, and great comments. -Dueling banjos at the beginning between a inbred kid and a "city folk" Great Scene -Burt Reynolds gets a compound fracture, and his buddies has to climb a giant rock clift. He gets to the top, but theres a Son of the Soil on the top. The city folk shoots him w/ an arrow, but falls onto another arrow. He ties the hillbilly to a rope, and climbs back down the clift. He falls half way, scraping himself against the rock.

Saving Private Ryan (a soldier has been shot, a fellow GI asks if he's ok):"I just had the wind knocked out of me."

Twice Dead (the day after all these punks were killed)Dad:"Well, the good thing is they're all dead."

Dancing Outlaw -stories told badly by major rednecks w/ awesome accents. -mudrunning in the front yard. Jesco Smith:"I keep a gun locked up, 38 special snubnose, in my car, 'cause the world's a dangerous place."

Living Dead 3 -awesome zombie chick, impaled with lots of glass, metal, and leather. Scientist(talking about using zombies):"They're like meat batteries, except they don't need recharging. They keep going and going and going."

Dead Time Stories -3 different short stories that are variations of fairy tales -the 3rd stories, Goldi Locks and The Bear Family, has a big guy as Baby Bear. He gives out awesome cartoon like quotes.

TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze -Vanila Ice sings in the dance club. -great one-liners, though quite cheesy.

The Cube -(a black police officer is yelling at a mentally handicaped guy, and a female doctor stops him.): You nazi! -Kazam(mentally handicaped guy) has numerous quotes. -NO CLOSURE, WHATSOEVER!

Platoon -some soldier:"Excuses are just like assholes, everyone has one."

Butcher Boy -Joe:(in an Irish accent) Hey, a fish! Francis:(also in an Irish accent) FUCK OFF!

Full Metal Jaket -a great movie about basic training in the marines during vietnam -Animal Mother:"I've got a joke for you. I'm going to tear you a new asshole" -Drill Seregent(after Pyles has gone crazy):"What is your major malfunction, numnuts?"

C.H.U.D -C.H.U.D=Cannible Humanoid Underground Dweller (acual meaning)=Contaminated Hazardous Urban Disposal

Batman -Joker:"Ever dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight?"

Dead Man on Campus -Cliff O'Malley:"I am Cliff, brother of joe, I got me some crack, I want me some HO!" -Cliff O'Malley:"(while being chased by cops)They hate it when you do this! (he then pulls out a handgun and shoots at the cops.)

Usual Suspects -Roger "Verbal" Kint:"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." -Verbal Kint:"But why me, agent Culion? Why not MacManus or Fenster? I am weak and I'm stupid!"

Nightmare on Elm Street I -The sceen where the bed pours out gallons apon gallons of blood upwards onto the ceiling(the camera was place upside down for the shot). -The first killing of Freddy Kruger, massive amounts of gore.

The Planet of the Apes -Taylor:"Don't trust anyone over 30." -Taylor:"Damn you dirty apes!" -Taylor asks for a kiss from the Lady Ape. Lady Ape:"ok, but you're just so ugly!"

The Wicked City (while Lung and Ying are fighting a clock monster) one liners: -We don't have time for this! -We defeated him just in time! -Looks like is time ran out!

Bride of Re-Animator Scientist:"He's a wife beater! Shoot!"

Wayne's World 2 Garth:(he's handed a mixed drink, instantly spits it out)"This coke's gone bad." Garth:"I'm dancing. You're real squigly." Dell:(explaining how to rodie a concert)" here will be the sub-machine guns placed as so, now these babys tend to heat up so be sure to fire in 3 second bursts. Now, in the case of capture i will personally distribute cynide capsules to be placed under the tongue as so.(puts pill in mouth) Any questions? Garth:"I've got a question, When did you become a nut-bar?"

Fear of a Black Hat DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HO AND A BITCH Tone Def:"A ho, she fucks everybody." Ice Cold:"yea, and a bitch, she fuck everybody, but you."

Nick of Time Bad Guy Lady:"I hate rollerbladers. I don't mind skateboarders, except that they dress like fucking idiots. Every time I see a rollerblader I want to run his fucking head over with my car."

Man Bites Dog **rated Hardest Movie by Maxim** -Benoit(main character) kills many, many, people without any rhyme or reason

Monster Squad Horace (the Fat Kid):"The wolfman has nards!" Eric (kid w/ Stephen King Rules shirt):"I thought you said you were a virgin!" Girl (his friend's older sister):"Well, just Steve. But he doesn't count!"

Ghost Dog Indian on Roof:"Stupid fucking white man."

Serial Mom Chip:"I'm so happy I could shit!" Beverly (Mom):"Now honey, you know how I feel about the brown word."

Treasure of the Amazon Guy on Boat: "And in the bag were five shrunken heads, shrunken." *possible the greatest ending ever in a low budget, mostly stock footage, Indiana Jones rip-off, based on a true story, movie.