Art Cornwell

Some of my better photographs can be viewed below. I hope you enjoy them. I don't have any sort of copyrights on them, so feel free to use them as backrounds, put them on your homepage, whatever. Almost all of these were taken with my all-manual control Pentax K1000, a very basic camera. I have my own darkroom now, and i developed all of the pictures that are black & white on this homepage. I hope you're inspired, or something, when you look at them. I am now taking another photography class, which will force me to take more pictures! You should be excited.

Other equipment used to make this page: Kodak film and paper, a Beseler "Cadet II" enlarger, a Slimscan C3 scanner by Microtek, Adobe Photoshop 5.5, my iMac, the "family's" Power Mac G4, and a lot of time.

Thank You for visiting.

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-->A gallery of my photos from England<--
-->A New Gallery! Pictures of me included!<--

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