The Bubbles Of Doom!

This is a cool demo to introduce exothermic chemical reactions, all you need is a source of methane gas, a rubber or plastic hose, a glass funnel and some dishwashing liquid.


hook the hose up to the gas source and hook the other end to the funnel. Make a soap solution in a small bowl. Put the funnel into the soap solution and splash it around a bit. Upend the funnel quickly so that there is a small amount of soapy water in the neck of the funnel. Turn on the gas and bubbles should begin to form.
Because methane is less dense than air it should float and with a flick of the wrist you can detach the bubbles from the funnel. As the bubbles rise, ignite them with a burning splint on the end of a stick and WOW! Always a winner with the kids. As you can see from the photos, quite spectacular results are possible.