A few images

[Image of rooftops and solar panels from the magnolia tree]
Rooftops and solar panels on the Eco-House.
Dan took this pic from the top of the magnolia tree.
(Its a long way up)

[Image of Some Garden and Backyard]
Backyard and some of the gardens.


People Members: Lola, Jonathan, Ife, Barbara, Cicada

Following is a partial list of trees, bushes and other perenials on our land:

Growing without our intervention (though some may have been planted by previous owners):

Trees and Bushes:
Ailanthus (Tree of Heaven) , Apples (Crab and volunteer of an apple that is similar to a Pink Lady) , Azaleas , Black Locust , Black Walnut , Dogwood , Forsythia , Holly , Hickory , Maples acer: Silver Maple, Red Maple, Box Elder (Ash Leafed Maple) , Magnolia magnolia grandiflora , Mimosa , Mock Orange , Oaks quercus: Red Oak, Post Oak , Pines pinus: White Pine, Virginia Pine , Privet , Rose 'O'Sharon Hibiscus , Sassafras , Staghorn Sumak , Tulip Poplar , Wild Black Cherry prunus serontina
Ampelopsis: porcelain berry Ampelopsis Cordata, possum grape Ampelopsis Stellata , Bittersweet , Blackberry , Black Raspberry , Deadly Nightshade , Dewberry , English Ivy , Japanese Honeysuckle , Multiflora Rose , Poison Ivy , Wild Grape
Root, Bulb or Rhizome based Perenials (Woody and Herbaceous):
Buttercup , Chives , Cinquefoil , Comfrey , Dandelion , Golden Rod , Hosta , Indian Strawberry , Plantain , Pokeberry , Tulips , Violets , White Bush Aster , Wild Asperagus , Wild Strawberry , Yarrow
Annual and Bienneal Herbs:
Amaranth , Blue Wax Weed , Bull Thistle , Clover: Low Hop Clover, White Clover, Red Clover , Daisy Fleabane , Giant Chickweed , Ground Ivy , Lamb's Quarters , Oxeye Daisy , Queen Annes Lace , Prickly Lettuce , Red Dead Nettle , Shepherd's Purse , Sow Thistle , Vetch , Wild Geranium (Dovesfoot Cranebill) , Wild Pea , Winter Cress
Many varieties of Grass , Moss and more which I will save till later to catalog...

What we have planted :

Trees and Bushes:
American Filbert (and a couple of Desert Filberts) , Asian Pear , American Persimmon , Apples: Arkansas Black, Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Sops o' Wine, Winesap, Granny Smith, Crab , Arborvitae , Blueberry (Rabbit Eye and Duke) , Butterfly Bush , Camelias , Cherries: (red bush cherries, red and white nanking bush cherries) , Chestnut (95% American, 5% Chinese) , Dogwoods: Carnelian Cherry Dogwood, Flowering Dogwood , Elderberry , Fig , Forsythia , Ginko , Hawthorn , Jujube , June Berry , Juniper , Lilac , Mountain Laurel , Mulberry , Nandina , Oak (Burr Oak) , Paw Paw , Pears: Buerre d'Anjou, Moonglow , Pines: White Pine, Virginia Pine , Red Bud , Service Berry , Trifoliate Orange , Yew
Root, Bulb or Rhizome based Perenials (Woody and Herbaceous):
Black Raspberry , Blood Root , Canna Lilies , Comfrey , Catnip , Crocus , Daffodils , Day Lilies , Echinacea , Fennel (Bronze) , Garlic , Horseradish , Hosta , Hotunia , Iris , Lavendar , Lung Wort , Marjoram , Mint (of varying kinds) , Nettles , Oregano , Rosemary , Rhubarb , Sage , Shasta Daisy , Strawberry , St. John's Wort , Sun Choke (Jerusalem Artichoke) , Thyme , Trilium , Tulips
Annual and Bienneal Herbs:

and more...

Tried but didn't make it:
Goldenseal , Passion Flower , Ramps , Swiss Stone Pine , Wild Ginger , Wintergreen ... some other things...

And we have annual gardens as well

living area - Two Houses: EcoHouse is approx. 1300sq ft., SunHouse is about 700sq ft. EcoHouse: 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, dining room with bay window, living room
SunHouse: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, great room with bay window, study
Additional Space EcoHouse has a covered porch and a partial basement
  • covered access from outside
  • dug out, dirt, partial concrete floor
  • lots of dirt crawl space
  • old 30 foot hand dug well
  • sump pump

detached two car garage
  • wood frame
  • cinder block foundation
  • metal roof
  • no electricity

two room guest house (the Bungalo)
  • wood frame
  • brick pier foundation
  • metal roof
  • electricity (both solar and grid tie)
  • wood stove
  • addition of passive solar features in progress
Amenities EcoHouse:
oil, forced air heating, battery powered programmable thermostat
wood stove
on demand electric water heater
electric stove/oven and refrigerator
washer, dryer, clothes line
partial solar electricity (10 panels - 17amps full sun, 440 amp hours of battery storage, Trace sine wave inverter)
common rooms are mostly furnished
stereo with phono, tape, CD
internet access
passive solar design, radiant floor heated by propane, propane stove, washer(no dryer), small fridge
on demand propane water heater
internet access
Interior of EcoHouse walls and ceiling in good condition
carpet in one bedroom, fair condition,
hardwood floors are in good condition, two rooms' floors are refinished
kitchen has an aging linoleum floor in good condition
bay window constructed 7/99 - 11/99
Bathroom was rebuilt, a small amount of finish work remains to be done
Living room ceiling was removed to create a vaulted ceiling with a sky light
image of living room skylight
EcoHouse Structure Wooden Frame
Aluminum Siding
Fiberglass Shingle Roof
SunHouse Structure Aerocon Insulative Concrete Block Structure
Concrete Perimeter Foundation and Slab
Metal Roof
Age EcoHouse main part of structure built in 1915, two Bedrooms and a Bathroom added in 1950's
SunHouse built 2008-2009
Location Approximately 1 acre land
Evolving Edible Forest Garden
Annual and Herb gardens
Busy 2 lane street
City Bus stops right at house
Mixed cuture neighborhood (traditionally african american)
3 miles from downtown
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And a few more images

[Image of Eco-House]
Dan's hop trellis (with peace flag) and our solar dehydrator

[Image of Eco-House]
Apple trees in bloom

[Image of Eco-House]
Apple trees and Oaks in our "jungle"

[Image of Eco-House]
Current and Former Members in the Front yard (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) :
Jonathan, Joseph, Cicada, Sonja, Lola