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Last update 5/22/01
email: lolalafey4 (AT) hotmail.com
Zim Zam address:
Lola LaFey
P.O. Box 15892
Asheville, NC. 28813

Lola graduated from Antioch College in Ohio with a degree in Peace Education. She currently has a job at the local food cooperative. She has done volunteer work for the The Rape Crisis Center. She is a volunteer mediator for the Asheville Mediation Center.

Lola is active in the peace and justice movement. She does non-violence trainings. She has been strongly involved in trying to end the sanctions against and bombing of Iraq. She is involved in the movement to close the School of Assasins in Ft. Benning, GA. Lola was in Seattle for the WTO actions Nov. 30 - Dec 3rd, 1999. She was also in Washington, DC for the IMF protests in April 2000.

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