Resume                                                                       Harold E. Cicada Brokaw

5/31/2007                                                                                          362 London Rd., Asheville, NC, 28803

                                                                                                         (828) 277-0758




Master of Arts in Teaching, Choral Music,  (2007) – (License expected any day now)

Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, North Carolina


Effective Teacher Training Certificate, (1996)

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, Asheville, North Carolina


Master of Music Degree in Composition, (1987)

Participant, Computer Graphics Research Group

                       (current name is: Advanced Center for Computing in the Arts and Design)

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio


Bachelor of Music in Composition, (1984)

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona


Associate of Arts in General Studies, (1980)

Phoenix College, Phoenix, Arizona


Knowledge and Skills



·         MAT Intern: Chorus and Music Theory, Asheville High School and Asheville Middle School, 2007

·         Graduate Assistant: Chorus and Music Theory, Western Carolina University, Music Dept., 2004-2006

·         Designed and taught workshops on Consensus, 2003, 2004, 2007

·         Co-Facilitation of Non-Violence workshops 2000, 2001

·         Designed and taught course: "Web Page Design: Java Applets" at AB-Tech Community College, spring 2000

·         Substitute Teaching, Asheville City Schools, Spring 1997, Fall 1998, Spring 2007

·         Taught: "Microcomputers and Music" for the Music Department at University of Michigan, 1990

·         Tutor of Computer Programming, Arizona State University and Ohio State University, 1983-1987


Music Theory and Composition; Music Synthesis, both analog and digital; MIDI

·         Taught AP Music Theory at Asheville High School

·         Created over 45 musical compositions, some of which are visual as well.

·         Taught course: "Microcomputers and Music" at the University of Michigan

·         Masters Thesis was a computer generated composition

·         Use of MIDI, synthesizers and computers in many works


Computer Graphics and Animation; Web Page Authoring

·Designed and Taught course: "Web Page Design: Java Applets" at AB-Tech Community College

·Creation of Web pages.

·Creation of visual music pieces using animation

·Attendance at tutorials and technical sessions of ACM -SIGGRAPH

·Experience with commercial animation programs such as SoftImage, Maya, etc.

·Patent pending on a virtual 3D object arrangement and placement algorithm (CrystalSym)


Experience working on collaborative works, sound and visuals synchronization

·         Collaborative compositions with choreographers

·         Synchronization of music and visuals on video and using computers

·         Applications from film to video to the Web, to live performances


Computer Programming

·         7 years of software engineering employment

·         C++, Objective C, Java, HTML, MEL

·         Experience with other computer languages and a diversity of computer systems.




Chorister, Bass Section Leader : July 2004-present

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 337 Charlotte St, Asheville, NC, 28801, (828) 254-5836


Substitute Teacher : Jan. 1997 - Sep. 1997, April 2007 - present

                Asheville City Schools, PO Box 7347, 85 Mountain St., Asheville, NC, 28802, (828) 255-5488


Graduate Assistant, Music Department : Sept. 2004-May 2006

Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC, (828) 227-3275

·         Assistant to Dr. Robert Holquist, instructor of choral music and choral program director

        Fall 2005 – Spring 2006

·         Assistant to Dr. Terri Armfield, instructor of music theory and aural skills classes

        Fall 2004 – Spring 2005


Consultant, Fondation Al Andalus : 1986 – present (non-contiguous)

24 bis, Avenue Alawiyyin, App. n. 12, Quartier Hassan, Rabat, Maroc. ph : 011 (212) 37-26-04-89 ; or

Avenida Reyes Catalicos, 10  3er Iz, 52 002, Melilla, Spain, ph: 011 (34) 952-68-03-51


Teacher, Note Taker : Fall 1999 – Fall 2001

                Asheville-Buncombe Community College, 340 Victoria Rd., Asheville, NC, 28801, (828) 254-1921

                 Continuing Education, supervisor: Sarah Gresko,

·         designed and taught course: "Web Page Design: Java Applets",

        Spring 2000

·         Office of Special Needs, took notes for students with disabilities

        Fall 1999 – Fall 2001


Co-Founder and Project Manager, Media Station, Inc. : 1989 - 1994

                2705 S. Industrial Rd., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48104

·         Co-Creator of MediaStation, a multi-media database application and Callisto, a multi-media authoring program. Designed file formats; also image and movie objects and test applications.


Associate Director/ Adjunct Professor, Center For Performing Arts and Technology : 1987 - 1993

                The University of Michigan, School of Music, 1100 Baits Dr., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48109

·         Software Development and System Support for a Cluster of NeXT computers. Co-Creator of CreationStation a prototype for a Music Video Workstation.

·         Taught "Micro-Computers and Music".

·         Assisted in planning and approval of a degree program in Music and Technology.


Short List of Recent Compositions:


opus 0036 Fore Dianne Won ©2005, June ; flute duet

opus 0037 Virtual Geodesy: Birth of the Elements 15:30 ©2005, October ; sound montage

opus 0038 Pattergonias 5:50 ©2005, November ; computer processed cello

opus 0039 Mass Murderization 8:42 ©2005, December ; sound montage

opus 0040 Quandory (from op 0001) ©2006, April ; wind ensemble

opus 0041 Fore Dianne Too ©2006, June ; flute duet

opus 0042 Meadoweave 15:30 ©2006, July ;  “Fore Dianne” flute duets with sound montage


recent compositions not yet catalogued include compositions written Sept-Dec 2006, including:

Peace Dragenz, Veteran’s Day, Clipped Wings, and Charlotte’s Attic

References (Available upon Request)