"Veritas", Latin for truthful. We chose this word for our consulting business because it is something we believe wholeheartedly in, both personally and professionally. The philosophy behind Veritas Consulting is to provide clients with reliable and sustainable computing and network solutions for their organizations regardless of size or mission. Our clients do what they do for a reason and productivity, in what ever form, is important.

What can you expect from us?

1. Truthful advice and solutions for your computing needs.

We specialize in a niche market of devising, advising on and implementing Microsoft and Apple Macintosh stand alone and networking solutions, as well as, complete integration of the two product lines. If, based on our initial assessment and consultation, we feel your best solution lies outside our expertise we will be honest and provide you with alternative directions to pursue outside of our organization.

2. Efficient time management.

We believe time equates to money and we won't waste time off task unless you request a change in your needs.

3. A commitment to giving you a sustainable solution.

What do we mean by sustainable? Well, large companies and organizations have the funds to hire information technology (IT) specialists to maintain their network environments. The clients we deal with are home offices, small businesses, and schools. These organizations typically do not have the staffing to maintain large corporate computing environments. So our goal is to implement the best solution for you, that meets your computing needs in direct correlation to your mission, and give you the basic skills and knowledge to maintain the solution we install.

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