Carrie Michele Ferguson born 8/30/79

I'm one of 5 children in my family from Athens, Ohio.  This is in the southeast part of the state.  Some people know it only as the home of Ohio University but for me it's just home.  I have a loving partner and a wonderful family and friends.  I enjoy music, current events, and issues involving people, animals and the environment.  I love people and I love to work with them.

I started attending Berea College in Berea, Kentucky in the fall of 1998.  I'm so proud; I received a full scholarship.  I love Berea very much and recommend it to almost anyone.  I worked at the computer center and Psychology Department there.  I am learned about many subjects while being at Berea because it is a liberal arts school.  I graduated with a BA the Spring of 2002.

Another aspect of my life in which I am proud of is my accumulating computer skills.  When I was 18 I started a business called ACCESS, which stands for Athens County Computer Education and Software Services.  I'm capable of teaching individuals to use SEORF (South Eastern Ohio Regional Freenet) and the internet and computer basics (on Macs or IBMs).  I've taught numerous workshops on all three.  I can also teach everything that is on my resume (word processing, making databases, web pages) on a group level or individually.  I like to teach but there will always be so much I don't know. If you would like to learn something I can learn about it and then teach you.

In the summer of 1998 before I began college I worked at the Gathering Place and Compeer.  The Gathering Place a non-residential hose where people who are refered from the state hospital come to engage themselves socially and seek guidance in daily activities.  There are some very intelligent and creative people who are part of our community and what I ever I do I hope to educate individuals on stigma and self-ability.  At 'The House' I mostly helped with paperwork, errands and the newsletter. While at Compeer, a buddy system much like Big Brother/ Big Sister, I recorded Compeer buddy acitivity and gave home visits.  This experience made me realize that I wanted to work predominately int he non-profit sector to ensure that individuals who need more attention in society through programs and the public's educatio would recieve just that.

In the summer of 1999 I worked at ACEnet (the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks).  They enable small businesses get started by letting them use their resources.  They also provide community members with free use of computers, as well as very affordable classes.  Here I was the CTC (Community Technology Center) Summer Coordinator.  I was in charge of setting up the classes we were to have at the center, finding the instructors, picking the dates, and recruiting the participants.  I also supervised the lab and helped the people who came to it.

During the summer of 2000 and again the summer of 2001 I worked at ACEnet. I redesigned and updated curriculum for the SET program.  I helped train the teachers that would instruct the computer class I took in high school.  I helped install and network new computer labs that went into some area high schools.  I also assisted in web page development and trouble-shooting staff computers.

Also during the summer of 2001 I was the instructor for the Athens County Job and Families Services Department's program Computers for Families.  After 12 hours of instruction with me the participants were eligible for a free computer and a free year of internet.  1000 computers were given away to these needy families with children. The perfect program for any rural community.  So empowering!

While at Berea College I work at the computer center and the Psychology Department.  My duties at the computer center have included computer lab support, answering Help Desk calls and trouble shooting over the phone, teaching classes and individuals, developing FileMaker Database systems for college departments, training faculty on their new laptops, and learning new software.  My Psychology duties included being Office Manager, editor of the department newsletter and assistant to the departmental chair.  Assisting and encouraging the students was the most rewarding.

May of 2002 I graduated from college and in June I got married to my sweetheart of almost six years.  From here I plan to go graduate school in Chicago, Illinois.

If you have any questions about any of the preceeding please don't hesitate to email me.

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